Monday, 18 October 2010

@Phil - Essay Question Re-think

ok looking back at the brief... i have thought about exploring how the werewolf has gone from myth and fairy tales to a cultural icon...
my plan would be to research where the idea of the werewolf came from...
How did a werefolf go from myth to a cultural icon?
Rough outline:
texts about its origin...
-mention two theories of origin
-appeal to the horror genre text/ film
-company of wolves, the werewolf,wolf-alice ( The bloody chamber- angela carter)Darren Shan- wolf island
-film company of wolves- fairy tales folklore
modern film- van helsing, harry potter,underworld

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  1. go for it! Just remember - it is far better to say something insightful and meaningful about less, than say something general and superficial about more...