Friday, 1 October 2010

Maya Dice Tutorial

Following the tutorial video exactly step by step i managed to create my Dice! I had trouble with the net layout and getting it into photoshop but in my second attempt i managed to do it right. The problem was that maya was picking up an extra face when i done the indents for the dots, maya didn't know what to do with these extra faces so the scattered them around when i did a UV snap shot. After that everything was straight forward.
First Render:

 After my first final render i realised there was no shadows being cast on the plane field! To solve this i had to select the directional shadow (something like that) button in the rendering options.

 Then there was shadows :)

I had some extra time so i decided to play about with some of the other tools in mata like the hair tools and the glowing tools in the textures menu.

Ta da! Pink Fluffy glowing dice!!!

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