Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Unit 2: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

The folder I picked was number 8 which is 20,000 Leaugues Under the Sea. The title sounds strangely familiar but i dont actually know anything about it!!! Looking at other posts, folder number 7 is the same book with different exerts that involve looking at the interior of the vessel Nautilus. The extreacts i have been given in folder 8 follow Captain Nemo's and his crew on walks into a new world that beautifuly depict the hidden wonders that lay submerged under the sea. In the final extract they uncover the lost city of Atlantis! My mind flooded with images reading the extract and really got me psyched up for tackeling this deep sea environment!! 

After reading the extracts i decided to see if there is any film adaptations of the book and i found Walt Disney's adaptaion directed by Richard Fleischer in (1954)...
Trailer found on Youtube:

 This is when it hit me where i recognised it from...

There was a ride at Disney World... didnt actually go there but i recognised the the shape of the submarine :).

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  1. Hey Kay - really pleased you're all excited! Just a bit of advice re. your presentation; this post, with the text squeezed around the two images just looks a bit scrappy? Consider aligning all your images centrally and also justifying your text; you want to start developing a nicely consistent graphic style by which to present what you post; you need to consider your blog as a 'shop window' into your creative studio - think very carefully about any first impressions you might be making...

    I look forward to see how things progress :-)