Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Darwin Awards: Inspiration for Comical Crime Scene

After speaking to Phil on Monday he said that he still felt that my story still had comedic potential that I had previously dismised for my IOR draft. Dayle had also said in our discussions "comedy all the way!", so basically iv been avoiding the enevitable from the beginning! So a comdey all the way it will be. 
After the IOR feedback I have a choice between my previous story of the child detective (Story Idea 3) and an idea Phil suggested about playing out a serious CSI investigation of somebody who died a rediculious death. For example changing a light bulb while yawning, resulting in a swollowing the bulb and choking. Therefore it could sometimes just come down to the stupidity of humanity... recognised by the Darwin Awards.
Darwin Award 2009: Lava Lamp

(30 November 2004, Washington) Twenty-four year old Philip was found dead in the bedroom of his trailer home, with burnt remains of a Lava Lamp strewn over his kitchen. Puzzled investigators eventually pieced together a likely scenario for Philip's last moments.
Lava lamps are a mesmerizing distraction. Philip couldn't wait to fire up his new Lava Lamp. He plugged it in and waited for the pretty globs to begin their surreal dance. But after several frustrating minutes, nothing happened. Then a bright idea hit him: "Why not accelerate this painfully slow process?" He took the lamp to the kitchen, placed it on the stove, and turned up the heat.

In short order, the wax melted and began its sinuous dance. But the liquid was designed to be warmed by a 40-watt bulb. It was over-heated. Entranced by the display, Philip forgot that "heat expands". Whereas there was no room for expansion in the glass bottle, the Lava Lamp resorted to a violent explosion to relieve the pressure.*

One thick shard of glass blew straight through Philips's chest and into his heart. Philip stumbled into his bedroom, perhaps uttering "Aeternum vale!" (latin: farewell forever) as he collapsed and died.

Police found no evidence of alcohol or drug use, so it is safely presumed that Philip was in full possession of his senses when he went out with a bang.

* Why the instructions warn NEVER to place the lamp directly on a heat source, such as a stove.

Extracts from:

"Ask any surgeon, doctor, ER nurse, or pretty much anyone that works in the medical profession what the weirdest thing is they ever saw removed from a human body and you’re sure to get a great -albeit disturbing - story. Pens and light bulbs and that type of thing are really pretty common. "

Swallowing light bulbs are common!!!!!... just got to figure out the how??

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