Monday, 7 February 2011

Detective Caracter Inspiration: Sherlock Holmes

Researching in the library I found a 2008 BBC documentary on Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes: 'A Study in Sherlock.' The documentary looks at him as being a very complex character and looking at the various different actors who have inter taken on his role. In an online article states that, "it remains a fact that more actors have portrayed Sherlock Holmes than any other character on the screen till today." Looking at the documentary there sure was a variety of of interpretations, everything from  a serious and smart Sherlock to silly and comedic. 
Most recent Interpretation of Holmes is by Robert Downy Jr in 2009's Sherlock Holmes...

Sherlock Holmes (2009) DVD Cover.
Sherlock comes across as being very analytical of everything around him, highly intelligent  and has an unbelievable understanding of people. It comes across in several ways through conversation and hearing his thought processes out loud, I also found the 'calculating' fight sequences a great insight into his analysis of people to a point of them being entirely predicable. This is how I would want my character to act in my story, constantly analysing everything around him... even if he out of work, so that even something as simple as making dinner becomes an analytical task. Something like this could have the potential for some thing comical...

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes in a series of T.V showings in 1939.

Sherlock Holmes Poster
Sherlock Holmes 1939
Basil Rathbone's character is what I would class as a classic depiction of a detective with the hat, pipe and long trench coat, even the modern version follows the same features. Inevitably I feel my character will have to have these to read him as a detective character visually...

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