Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Style Inflence: Pop Art?

Been talking to Alex and Andriana today as iv been sketching out some ideas for my character design (CSI New Yorker) and iv been trying to get a face that is very masculine so Alex pointed me to looking at comic book heros like Superman and his facial features. Later on Andriana sugested to look at Roy Lichtenstein Pop art style of work, this lead me to thinking it could work as a style influence for my concept art? I dont want an overload of styles, its just a possible idea.


  1. It definitely seems like a good idea to toy with. Are you going to create some examples to see if the style will work for you?

  2. Im going to give it a go in my character designs :), iv never tried this style before so there is a chance it wont work for me. Still it could be useful just for reference.