Saturday, 19 February 2011

Raiding the Attic: Childhood Toys!

Ok... so I'v changed my mind about my story again! My final final final story choice is going to be using the kid interrogating his toys (Story 3) this time I'm not changing my mind. Looking back at the initial sketches for my CSI team they seem too realistic and as I began to get stuck into the whole story idea, I was not being really enthusiastic about the whole idea. I still had the nagging feeling in my mind telling me to go back to my other idea. To be honest FINALLY! watching Toy Story 3 won it over for me. Phil mentioned the opening sequence for me to look at and I found it truly inspiring at the imagination and the believability of world of Andy's imagination.
So this brought me to looking at the toys that I grew up with, uncovering the weird and wonderful characters that will be the spring board for my character designs. Raiding the attic was a great place to start, and has definitely got me more excited bout my story whilst taking a trip down memory lane... drifting away from the seriousness and morbid nature of the dead body.
Tomorrow ill be planning out my final story and writing the treatment, I have a more positive feeling toward this idea from the story line to the possibilities for the the character designs!! I can definitely loosen up in my drawings and make them more stylised when designing the toys for my child's imagination. 
Anyway here are some of the Toys I found... or should I say some old friends :)...     

Rescued Toys :)

Polaroid Camera!


  1. A long time since I've seen a Furby.

    I used to have this back in the day:

    A geekier version really, used to scare the shit out of me. Plus removing his rubber skin revealed an incredibly scary robotic Yoda. (I'm not some sort of Yoda killing Hannibal Lector by the way

  2. Ha ha! Yoda-Furby! Makes me wonder what the inside of a Furby looks like XD

  3. Furbys are the best toys ever, the originals are even better than the poor quality ones with light up eyes and that stupid "change" thingy (the old ones have a better quality build)