Monday, 7 February 2011

Unit 4: Story-Telling, Starting Point

Right! What do I have to work with?...

Sounds a bit like a game of cluedo to me :)...
Last project was all about 3D modeling in Maya to render a still cinematic image and Unit 4 is one step closer to bringing together a fully rendered animation made up of hundreds of these frames! But... you cant have an animation without a story/purpose.
When I chose the private detective I instantly thought of Sherlock Holmes and Film Noir so they will be my starting points for research... Im gonna take Phil's advice and start with my character to build my story around, this way I should be able to give my charater a bit of an edge with a back-story.
Light bulbs...? Seems a bit of a boring and mundane object, however they havnt been here since the dawn of time... So what would that be like for someone do with a light bulb if they have never seen one before? So time period could have an influence in my story, environment and character.
Let the writing begin! :)  

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