Monday, 21 February 2011

Photoshop: Colour Character Design


Possible sidekick design for my villain, this guy will bust the thief out of the holding cell. I went for a biker/ex-convict look as he will have to be an expert in mechanics and escapology which is pulled off but the walrus look nicely. The walrus idea came from the giant cuddly one I found in my loft raiding through my old toys and it worked well by combining some of the shapes I had collected. Colour wise... I'm not sure about the full colour might try a black and white style to tie in the film noir style with the dark lighting I'm going to use in my interrogation scene.


  1. Nice one kay, I love how the fur looks so real around his tusks (looks so fluffy, perfect for a tired person such as myself xD)

  2. Thanks XD Iv got a giant cuddly walrus sitting next to me for inspiration and he is quite fluffy!

  3. Indeed it is XD, do you think the design is too much for a child's imagination?