Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Other Story Ideas

In the library the other week I was talking with Andriana and Micheal bout possiblities for my story to get a wider range of story potentials. Together we manage to come up with some weird and wonderful story potentials, these are some of the ideas we noted down:

  • Detective could have a lightbulb for a heart (Robo Detective) Sci-fi potential.
  • City with a giant bulb for there light source, futuristic city.
  • Detective could be an alien, finding a lightbulb in a kitchen then trying to figure out how it works
  • Kid pretending to be a detective around his house, playing dress-up. Set up a crime scene with his teddy bear, pretending a light bulb is a magnifying glass and not revealing the character is a kid till the end.
To me kid pretending to be a detective could have great potential as a story (as suggested by Andriana)
  • The kids Dad could be a detective, trying to be like Dad
  • Teddy Bear is the victim, which could be revealed at the end. Make the situation sound like a real crime scene but it turns out to be a teddy bear. 
  • Interviewing witnesses/ other toys

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